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Auto Cancel Unpaid Order
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Auto Cancel unpaid Order plugin removes all the unpaid partial orders from the system and synchronises the inventory with actual stock.

Tracking large inventories for items and ensuring accurate mapping to actual stock piles can be a daunting task if the inventory tracking tasks are handled by status on the nopCommerce software. For instance, in the case where a user places an order but exits the application prior to confirming payment, the inventory might reflect a number different from the actual stock of goods. The dashboard may show an order as generated but is a pending order since it hasn't been paid. Processing pending orders thus becomes an unnecessarily complicated process with the need to manually cancel unpaid orders.

Having the flexibility to identify and remove the unpaid order(s) from inventory tracking is essential to maintain accurate stock count. However, doing this manually for each unpaid order is time consuming and inefficient irrespective of the size of your business. The Auto Cancel Unpaid Order plugin manages this task with smooth efficiency and helps keep your order area clean and the exhausted inventory list updated.

Use the plugin to automate the cleaning process. You will have the flexibility to run the plugin at the end of the day or at scheduled intervals multiple times a day, depending your sales volumes and what works best for you. The plugin will seamlessly process the order list to remove unpaid orders. You can also set it to automatically cancel orders older than a specified number of hours. In addition, make sure you don't lose a potential customer by choosing to inform them by email when their unprocessed orders are deleted from your order history. Can also exclude cancellation of orders by payment methods, this helps where the order are manually paid e.g. COD, Pay Order etc.

We are one of the very few plugin providers who continuously add new features to the plugins and you can avail those upgrades for no additional cost for a year. Also, when you buy our plugin you buy for all supported NopCommerce versions including future NopCommerce versions for a year. This significantly reduces total cost of ownership of our plugin over the period.

Ask us more Release v4.08 [18 May 2024]


1Support for NopCommerce
v3.80, v3.90, v4.00, v4.10, v4.20, v4.30, v4.40, v4.50, v4.60 and v4.70

2Customise the interval of scanning the orders

3Cancel orders older than specified number of hours

4Opt to send cancellation email(s) to customer(s)

5Opt to exclude cancellation of order by payment methods

6One Year free support from the date of purchase

7One Year free upgrade from the date of purchase