License Key FAQ

  1. How to Generate new License Key?

    Please use following steps to generate new license key
    • Navigate to My account > Order > Details
    • Scroll to the product you want to generate the license key for and click on <New License> button.
    • Enter your store URL (make sure you have entered correct Store URL. Store URL cannot be changed once license is generated) and select the Extension Version. (Extension version can be found on the Plugin list page of your store).
    • Once the URL and version is entered, click on <Generate> button to generate a new license key.
    • Copy this generated Key and apply it to your store license section.

  2. How to activate the plugin using the license key?

    In plugin configuration section, click "License" button. Apply your activation key to the respective store URL. Click "Save". This should provide "Green Tick" at the right side of key box, it indicates that the license is active and enabled.

  3. Can I change my Store URL after licence key is generated?

    No, the licence key is specific to the store URL, you will need to generate new licence key if store URL is changed. Though the Extension version can be changed to get the new Key.

  4. I have two environments staging and production. Staging environment which works on subdomain e.g. and production on, so can I use same key for both?

    No, both are different URLs so you will need separate keys. At present for few plugins we support upto three license keys on one purchase, so you can use one for the staging environment and another for production environment. If you are looking for multiple licenses then please verify the same with our support team 

  5. What is the validity of License Key?

    License Key will work for ever till the Extension version or Store URL remains same.

  6. Can I use same License Key if I upgrade my NopCommerce version but use the same extension version?

    Yes, if the downloaded extension supports the NopCommerce version and if you are using same extension version then the key stays valid.

  7. Why license key shows invalid?

    Verify if the Store URL and Extension version is correct in the order details (My account > Order > Details).

  8. I have latest version of plugin but unable to generate the license key. It gives message
    "Oops! new Key cannot be generated because the license has expired. Please contact support team for further query on this."

    This message appears if the license validation has expired. You cannot generate new license key after 1 Year of purchase, so we suggest you generate the keys for later version of the plugin even though you do not intend to use it at this point. If this is not the case then please contact us.

  9. I have lost my license Key and my license has expired so can I get my old key?

    Yes, we keep the generated license keys for some time after expiry of license but there is no fix duration. So we strongly recommend to store the keys where you can find it even if it is accidentally deleted from your order details.

  10. Will my Extension work with the license key even after 1 Year of support?

    Yes, it will work till you change the Store URL or version.

  11. Can I use the Extension on my local system?

    The plugin do not need license to run the Store on 'Localhost'.

  12. Why I am Not getting New License button?

    Probably your license has expired. You need to purchase new license for the key. If this is not the case then please contact support at contact us