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Backup To Google Drive
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Bring to your fingertips the power and benefits of Google Drive, combined with the advantages of a practical, user-derived back-up tool. Having first created and used this tool for our in-house requirements and fine-tuning it for practical advantages, we now offer this to our customers as an all-in-one solution for managing their archival requirements for all active environments from within a single interface.

Some advantages of the Backup To Google Drive extension:

  • Schedule automatic back-ups to start at specific times.
  • Save costs by consolidating all back-ups in one place.
  • Minimise effort by avoiding manual back-up of your database for every environment.
  • Manage all back-ups in a single location.
  • Take advantage of Google Drive’s reliable storage features with the ability to view history.
  • Optimize storage space by using the compress & overwrite features.
  • Use the in-App explorer to log in, browse, download and delete back-up files directly form Google Drive.

Let us know if you would like a similar extension for other services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box etc.

Extension requirements & recommendations:

  • This back-up task is executed using Application user so you must have access to the files/folders to be backed up.
  • Ensure your Google Drive account has adequate free space for the intended archives. (We recommend creating separate accounts for your back-ups instead of using your personal account)
  • For archiving a Database(s), the SQL Server should be able to take back-ups to the location to which the Application service account has access.

We are one of the very few plugin providers who continuously add new features to the plugins and you can avail those upgrades for no additional cost for a year. Also, when you buy our plugin you buy for all supported NopCommerce versions including future NopCommerce versions for a year. This significantly reduces total cost of ownership of our plugin over the period.

Ask us more Release v6.08 [12 Sep 2023]


1Support for NopCommerce
v3.80, v3.90, v4.00, v4.10, v4.20, v4.30, v4.40, v4.50 and v4.60

2Schedule individual back-ups to execute at specified times.

3Easily select individual file or complete folder for back-up.

4Easy to use interface to select and set up back-up.

5Back-up NopCommerce Database on which the extension is installed.

6Compress back-up to Zip file before uploading to Google Drive.

7Auto clean-up Google drive when using 'Retain back-up for days'. This will create multiple back-ups in Google Drive for given number of days and will keep deleting older back-up versions. This also cleans the Trash folder on Google drive.

8Share back-up with other Google Drive users directly from the externsion interface.

9Optional Auto Stop on Error to save server performance in case a task generates an error.

10In-built Google Drive explorer to manage, delete and download files from back-up folder. This helps users manage the back-up files from NopCommerce screen without visiting Google Drive.

11Generate a comprehensive error log to identify and troubleshoot any errors occurring during back-up execution.

12One Year free support from the date of purchase

13One Year free upgrade from the date of purchase