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This plugin helps to provide feed to external applications. This is a highly customizable plugin and can be customised to generate the feeds which can be pulled by almost any application which access feeds. This includes Google merchant, Facebook, and almost all advertisers.

This plug-in is useful when there are various affiliates promoting your product catalogues and need to be updated the list frequently. This plug-in can generate respective XML feed. This also helps to create custom URL for each affiliate.

With each purchase, our team could help you generate one XML/RSS feed to start smoothly. Also, if you have any specific XML you want to generate via this plugin we can evaluate the feasibility.

We are one of the very few plugin providers who continuously add new features to the plugins and you can avail those upgrades for no additional cost for a year. Also, when you buy our plugin you buy for all supported NopCommerce versions including future NopCommerce versions for a year. This significantly reduces total cost of ownership of our plugin over the period.

Ask us more Release v5.02 [20 Jun 2020]


1Support for NopCommerce
v3.80, v3.90, v4.00, v4.10, v4.20 and v4.30

2Customisable Output for inidvidual affiliate e.g. Google Merchant, Facebook,

3Supports large catalogue (Tested upto 150k items but should work with similar preformance beyond that)

4Test XSLT output

5Support for generating one XML/RSS Feed

6One Year free support from the date of purchase

7One Year free upgrade from the date of purchase